About our work

Bristol-based You & Your Work CIC (Y&YW) both commissions and showcases risk-taking and high quality work by early to mid career performance-based artists, who have an interest in socially engaged practice. We aim to reach and engage diverse communities and build new audiences, by facilitating opportunities for performative, playful and discursive exchange. By commissioning and hosting performative encounters in unusual contexts, Y&YW seeks to critically explore as well as bridge the gap between community and ‘high art’ (gallery) artworks.

Since 2007, Y&YW has showcased eight highly successful contemporary performance festivals, each one increasing in size, impact and audience attendance. As part of these festivals, we’ve commissioned nine live and mediated artist’s projects which specifically engaged local communities such as Polish migrant workers, women with refugee status from Easton (a diverse area of Bristol), elderly people from a sheltered housing scheme and Romanian-Roma families, as well as the general public as passers-by to our various site-responsive projects. 
This year, You & Your Work (Y&YW) is partnering up with Arnolfini and The Wellspring Healthy Living Centre in Barton Hill, to produce their most ambitious ninth, multi-venue participatory performance festival, happening on the 15th and 16th of June this year.
As well as showcasing the work of three new commissioned projects by Dane Watkins with his new online 'performance' survey, Sue Palmer, Joff Winterhart, Simon Roberts with their ‘100 Hundred Year Old Band’ and a third artist project (tbc), the festival will include live work from Australian artists Malcolm Whittaker and Georgie Meager, as well as from four other notable performance makers, selected from a call-out. We will also be hosting a symposium with guest speakers to explore key themes around participatory and socially engaged performance practices. Watch this space for more information to follow!
Y&YW was founded and initiated by Birgit Binder and Sylvia Rimat. Y&YW6+7 were co-produced/ curated by Sylvia Rimat and Jo Bannon. Since Y&YW8 Sylvia works jointly with Rhiannon Chaloner as co-producer. For questions or suggestions please contact us: cubeyourwork@hotmail.co.uk

Current Members
You and Your Work Director & Producer - Sylvia Rimat
Is an arts producer and performance maker from Germany, currently living in Bristol. She has jointly initiated and organised the Y&YW festivals 1-8 and  presents her own performance work (inter)nationally at venues and festivals such as at Arnolfini Bristol, Spill Festival London, Testing Grounds in Brighton, EPAF at Centre for Contemporary Arts Warsaw (Poland), Bristol Mayfest,  Grimmuseum in Berlin (Germany) and Inbetween Time Festival Bristol. 
Her work often revolves around the process of remembering, personal histories, lived places, risk and how we orientate ourself. She is interested in the live-moment of performance and likes to play with the presence of an audience, whilst applying low-profile methods for creating places, situations and interactions in space. 
More details can be found on www.sylviarimat.blogspot.com

You and Your Work Co Producer & Head of Marketing - Rhiannon Chaloner
Is a cross-disciplinary artist, musician and arts producer, with a background in collaborative performance, which has directly contributed to the development of a socially engaged practice with various community and specialist interest groups. Her most recent project Kayfabe Juncture, a pro-wrestling themed performance, was shown at Arnolfini, Bristol. She is interested in artifice, second skins, labour intensive love-actions, living as the artist-aficionado, residual body memory, as well as exploring the notion of ‘tactile’ viewing.  Her work uses extreme handy-crafting, writing, drawing, photography, video, film and sound installation; particularly performance to camera. 
For more information please go to www.rhiannonchaloner.blogspot.com